Yuchtar's AD&D Page

I was involved in several on-line games, but they have all slowly died.

One campaign was called Pathways of Darkness. I was playing Bridget, a Gnome Thief/Illusionist, and Marcellus, a Human Fighter from ancient Rome. [This game seems to have died, though - I have gotten no new messages since Dec 2006]

I was playing another game that just sort of petered out. A shame, cuz I was playing one of my all-time fave characters: Eldon Took, A Hobbit Rogue. He was about to become a wererat when the game ended. He later joined Gwyneth, who was in:

Descent into Madness. My original character got killed early on, so I started playing Gwyneth, a Human Fighter. (As well as Eldon, the Rogue).

And Descent has disbanded now, too. (pout) So Gwyneth and Eldon joined Mists of Mayhem. We were stuck in some underground Drow encampment when that game disbanded too.

Now, the only game I'm involved in is The Council of Thieves in which I am playing Ian ("Nicki") Nicholas, a Rogue. (I prefer to play rogueish types, as you have probably noticed).

Take a look at my very first AD&D character, Perpegilliam.