Baldur's Gate

Welcome to my tiny Baldur's Gate page!

    Baldur's Gate is a computer game put out by Bioware Corporation. Various logos and stuff are copyrighted by Bioware, TSR, Interplay, Black Isle and I don't know who all else - I don't want to infringe on any of these. I just want to share some of the fun I've been having.

I FINALLY finished it!

  • Take a look at my namesake character, Yuchtar.
  • Yuchtar is now stuck on a werewolf island, so I started a new game with Perpegilliam and she became my first to finish!
  • My newest character, Merlin, is the only one to have finished Baldur's Gate II. He had the chance of becoming a God, but turned it down to stay with Jaheira.

  • Screencap Map of Nashkel Mines (68 KB)
  • Screencap Map of Cloakwood Mines (51 KB)

    Take a look at the Custom Portraits I've made! I've made sound schemes for some of them too and I've put them all into zip files that you can download the portraits and sounds to use in your own game.
  • Stop by the Baldur's Gate Chronicals.
  • Here is GameSpot's Guide to Baldur's Gate.

Well, that's all I have for now.
Be seein' ya!!



Created on 17 January 2000
Last updated May 2009