Welcome to my humble DaggerFall page!

    DaggerFall is a computer game made by Bethesda Softworks, A Division of Media Technology Limited. They hold the copyrights and stuff and I am in no way trying to infringe on that. I just want to share some of the fun I've been having with the greatest Role Playing Game ever!

  • Check out my all-time favourite character, Perpegilliam!
  • Take a look at Jasper, the first character to finish the game.
  • Wally is the second - and probably the overall most powerful - character to finish the game.
  • Scanlon become a Vampire and that sound he makes scares the bejessus outta me!
  • Kirianna is my current character - she is researching Daedra Princes at the moment.

    AndyFall is a hacked version of the game available at The Essential Site (TES) - it sports nifty new clothes and armour and a killer class called Overlord!

  • My FIRST Andyfall characters were premade. I decided I don't like premade characters - I'd rather decide myself what skills my characters have.
  • Calista is my first custom made AndyFall character.

  • Daedra Princes I have met (& remembered to make a screen capture of)
  • My table of BOUND SOULS for making magic items.
  • Oddities you may encounter along the Sword Coast.

  • Unfortunately, none of the links I had for info about this game still work. I have not been able to play since getting WinXP and it's a shame, cuz this was a fun, FUN game ...

Well, that's all I have for now.
Bye Bye!!



Created on 20 November 1998
Last Modified on May 2009