Dreamy, that's what he is. Adorable! Born in Ireland, Sam Neill grew up in New Zealand where he now owns a vinyard. Can't get his wine here in the States, though, darn it. (Yeah, okay, I don't drink wine, but still .....)

Spoiler Warning! Spoiler Warning! Spoiler Warning!
Amerika AMERIKA TV Mini Series (1987) Colonel Andrei Denisov
I'm pretty sure I've seen this, but I don't remember it.
Attack Force Z ATTACK FORCE Z(1982) Sgt D.J. Costello
I'm pretty sure I've seen this - back in my Mel Gibson phase, but I really don't remember it.
Bicentennial Man BICENTENNIAL MAN (1999) 'Sir' Richard Martin
This is the movie based on the Isaac Asimov story about the robot that becomes more human than Humans. I've seen it, but really, I don't remenber much about it. Sad, I know.
Children of the Revolution CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION (1996) David Hoyle (aka Agent Nine)[***½]
Another freaky dark comedy. Sam is a cute double agent tormented by his past.
Country Life COUNTRY LIFE (1994) Dr. Max Askey [***½]
A crazy comedy about a crazy household in 1919 Australia. Sam is too cute. He drinks too much and preaches what townsfolk call Bolshevism, but like he says, he's the only doctor for miles around, so people forget about Bolshevism when they get an anal abcess. LOL! And there is a brief nude scene - yes, a nice butt shot of Sam. Too bad I got this on VHS instead of DVD - I could have made screen caps. (grin)
Crusoe CRUSOE (2008) Jeremiah Blackthorn [**½]
A short-lived series on NBC based on the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. I've taped the show, but have not been able to sit down and watch the episodes uninterrupted yet. Sam seems to be a sort of patron to Crusoe - he has been lending him money - simply because he has no heir of his own and he wants to be godfather to the kiddies, but from what I've seen so far, his character seems just a bit sinister, but I haven't figured out his agenda yet.
UPDATE: Well, I have seen enough now to be certain Mr Blackthorne is indeed a no-goodnick, but I have still not figured out his agenda - is he after Crusoe's wife? And he seems to have been responsible for the downfall of Crusoe's father - played by Sean Bean - they tapped some big names for this show, but I guess that wasn't enough to keep it on the air. Overall, it's a very silly show - very far-fetched what with all the *inventions* Crusoe and his man Fryday are able to make on that deserted island ...
In any case, it does NOT end well for Sam's character and he would NOT have been back for a second season (excpet maybe in flashback sequences).
Cry in the Dark A CRY IN THE DARK (1988) Michael Chamberlain [***]
Okay, this film just creeps me out. It's based on a true story about an Australian family out camping when a pack of Dingos run off with their infant baby. As if that is not bad enough, the woman is then tried and convicted of killing her baby! Sam is great as the husband/father, but this movie is a little hard for me to take - I've only seen it once and don't want to watch it again.
Dead Calm DEAD CAlM (1989) John Ingram [****]
ARGH! Sam does a lot of thrillers, doesn't he? This is a chiller about a couple terrorized by a guy they pick up on the open seas. This guy says everyone on his boat got sick and died and he's the only survivor, but what really happened on board his boat? (shudder) Great stuff. (And Sam is ADORABLE when he's dishevelled!) [Ingram pic is original scan]
Death in Brunswick DEATH IN BRUNSWICK (1991) Carl Fitzgerald [***½]
Sam says it is one of his faves, so I wanted to see this. It's a comedy, but again, it's awfully dark. The character of Carl is another hapless joe who just never sees it coming! He walks right into a pile of trouble when he falls for a 19 year old barmaid. He hesitatingly says he's 34, but I think he was more like 40. LOL! All ends (relatively) well, though, so give it a look-see.
Dirty Deeds DIRTY DEEDS (2002) Ray [***½]
This is an Australian gangster film. Sam is a police detective sergeant who is in cahoots with Bryan Brown who is running all the slot machines in town. So long as Bryan Brown can keep the fighting off the streets and out of the papers - and pays him his percentage, Sam will keep him out of jail. It's a lucrative arrangement until a couple American gangsters from Chicago show up and try to muscle in. Sam isn't in it a whole lot, but his character, while being shifty, obviously, is still a study in loyalty. The Aussies come out on top because they stick together. It's a violent but often funny film. (Frankly, I'm not sure where I stole - er, borrowed this photo from, but it may have been the IMDb - shhhhhhhhh)
The Dish THE DISH (2000) Cliff Buxton [***]
Funny and historical - the true story behind the scenes of the Apollo 11 mission and how the huge satellite dish in this little Australian town handled communications from the Moon to the Earth. They have a lot of amusing problems, but they get the job done!
DOCTOR ZHIVAGO TV Mini Series (2002) Victor Komarovsky [****]
GAAAHHHHH! When I saw this, I just boggled about the actress who plays Lara (Keira Knightley) and how she got PAID to be seduced by Sam! I mean, how's that for a job? I never finished reading the book all those years ago back in college, so I don't know how faithful this adaptation is, but it is certainly watchable and the photography is great. And Sam is such a sexy bastard - LOL! [Victor Komorovsky pic found at PBS.ORG]
Event Horizon EVENT HORIZON (1997) Dr. William Weir [****]
Whew! Another chiller! Dr. Weir designed the drive for the star ship Event Horizon, so when the ship disappears, he wants to know why. When it reappears, well, he can't resist going out to see what's up. The ship was designed to explore the galaxy, but it went much further than that - and brought Hell back with it.
Framed FRAMED TV (2002) Eddie Meyers [****]
Great made for TV movie about a charming con man and the police detective who catches him. It's a mind game and very entertaining. Sam is, indeed, charming as hell in this. [Eddie Meyers pic is original scan by moi]
The Horse Whisperer THE HORSE WHISPERER (1998) Robert MacLean [***]
This film is a little too long and Sam isn't in it nearly enough. It's about a girl who has a terrible accident on her horse. Afterwards, both the horse and the girl are gunshy, so to speak, and her mother takes em both to Robert Redford, who is a horse whisperer, where they are both healed. Sam is the girl's father.
Hostage HOSTAGE (1994) Rennie [***½]
As I watched this, I realized I had seen it before - parts were familiar. It's a little slow to really get going and there is some really weird editing - in the middle of a scene, it cuts to a brief view of some other scene which has nothing to do with what's going on - just annoying. Sam is adorable and his character is a ruthless bastard, but not ruthless enough - he gets fed up and tries to quit the secret service. Well, we all know how that usually works out, don't we? Once it becomes clear what's going on, it is interesting, but the ending is unrealistic, I think. I don't think he would ... okay, I won't ruin the end. Overall, it was an interesting watch.
Hunt for Red October THE HUNT FOR RED OCTORBER ((1990) Captain Vasily Borodin [****]
This movie came out a few days after I finished reading the book. It's a great adaptation and it stars three of the sexiest guys alive! Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin and Sam Neill - what's not to love?! Unfortunately, Sam dies, as you can see from the pic here - which was NOT in the book. Hmph. He dies well, though, doesn't he? It's funny, I saw this with the husband of a friend who happened to be a Russian translator and he thought it was amusing that Sean Connery spoke very good Russion, but with a Scottish accent.
Mad IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (1995) John Trent [****]
Okay, this is one of the few films to actually out and out scare me. I think that is mainly due to the fact that I saw it at a cinema 30 miles from home at the midnight showing. In the movie, there is a strange old man on a bicycle that the car passes several times. Well, on the way home, down a dark country highway at around 2 AM, I passed a strange guy on a bicycle! So, that spooked me. Anyway, Sam does insane really really well and looks good even in a straight jacket. It is sort of based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and this film led me to read that author's really strange works. [Trent pic is original screen cap]
Ivanhoe IVANHOE TV (1982) Brian de Bois-Guilbert
I know I've seen this, but I really don't remember it.
Jungle Book THE JUNGLE BOOK (1994) Colonel Geofferey Brydon [***]
Never read the book, so can't say how faithful this is, but it sure is entertaining action! Cary Elwes is a right royal bastard in this, but Sam sure does look good when he's all wounded and scruffy, doesn't he? Oh, but that mustache is a hoot and a half! LOL!
Doctor Grant JURASSIC PARK & JURASSIC PARK III (1993/2001) Doctor Alan Grant [****]
He plays the paleontologist who is invited to Jurassic Park where they all encounter dinosaurs. No, it's not much fun for them, but fun for us watching! What can I say? He's adorable when he's all dishevelled. [Alan Grant photo is original scan]
Memoirs of an Invisible Man MEMOIRS OF AN INVISBLE MAN (1992) David Jenkins
Another one that I've seen, but don't really remember much about. Will write more once I've had the chance to see it again.
Merlin MERLIN TV Mini Series (1998) Merlin [*****]
God, what to say about this? INCREDIBLE about sums it up. The landscapes are gorgeous and the story is, indeed, enchanting. Sam looks so gorgeous with long hair and his portrayal of the wizard is just so ... well, Human. One of my all time faves. [Merlin photo is original screen capture made by moi]
My Brilliant Career MY BRILLIANT CAREER (1979) Harry Beecham [***½]
It's not available on video any more, so I had to shop eBay for it. It's a nice little chick flick (My guy hated it - no action) Sam is adorable, but the stupid, stupid woman turns him down TWICE when he asks her to marry him! Sheesh, how dumb can you be?
Damien THE OMEN III: THE FINAL CONFLICT (1981) Damien Thorn [***]
This is probably the first thing I saw him in, but I would not have known who he was at the time. I remember thinking how cute he was (those eyes!), but I thought there was something odd about his voice. Now I realize, of course, it's the accent. Don't get me wrong, his American accent is flawless, but that may be the problem - it's too perfect. Still, he makes a great Antichrist. [Damien photo is original scan]
Perfect Strangers PERFECT STRANGERS (2003) The Man [****]
This news ad intrigued me, so I had to see the film. It is another odd little movie from new Zealand. It's just .... Man, it's just so crazy! You just have to see it. It's like a love story gone terribly, terribly wrong. It's a thriller and Sam is adorable, in a ... creepy ... sort of way. [Image pilfered off ebay]
Marc POSSESSION (1981) Mark [***]
I finally got the dvd and this is a very odd film. Definitely surreal, this one. Anna is apparently possessed and she and her husband Mark go stark raving as the film goes on. Lots of blood, lots of beasty sex and lots of nudity (Yes, even Sam!) I think it ends with the end of the world. (It's sort of nebulous) [Mark pic is original screen cap]
Reilly REILLY: ACE OF SPIES TV Mini Series (1983) Sidney Reilly (Sigmund Rosenblum) [*****]
This is what probably made him famous over here in the States. This is certainly where I sat up and took notice and made a point of finding out just WHO this guy was. Reilly was a great character anyway and Sam did a GREAT job with him. Can't wait till I can get this on dvd.
Henry Bell tied to bed THE REVENGERS' COMEDIES or SWEET REVENGE (1998) Henry Bell [****]
This is SUCH a funny film! It's so dry and dark, I love it! At one point, he wakes up tied to the bed wearing nothing but a g-string. (Hey! I'm a healthy gal! It's nice to seem some flesh once in a while! (grin)) Poor Henry Bell - another regular joe who stumbles into it - great stuff. [Henry pic is original screen cap]
Robbery Under Arms ROBBERY UNDER ARMS TV Mini Series (1985) Captain Starlight [*****]
He just looks so gorgeous in the pics, but this has evidentally never been released on video (at least not the uncut version), so all I could hope for was it turning up on the tube some day. Ah, but a lovely Aussie woman named Felicity was so amazingly kind enough to send this to me and it's GREAT! Don't expect a sappy-happy Hollywood ending, though.
Sirens SIRENS (1994) Norman Lindsay [*****]
Oh, lord, what a sexy little film this is! Sam plays Norman Lindsay, a real-life Australian artist. He was famous for painting erotic art. This film is about a very real flap over a pic the Church thought pornographic, but the events of the film are, as far as I know, ficticious. A preacher and his wife are sent to talk with him, to try to get him to volunteerily pull his painting from an exhibit. It doesn't work. LOTS of nudity in this (No, NOT of Sam, darn it!), so if you're squeamish about that sort of thing, don't watch it. It's a really fun film, though, and it prompted me to go look up Norman Lindsay, so it was educational as well! [Norman Lindsay photo is original screen cap]
The Simpsons (year?) Malloy [***]
I didn't catch an episode title, but Sam gives voice to an aging cat burglar living at the home with Grandpa Simpson. He outwits them all. Ha!
Sleeping Dogs SLEEPING DOGS (1977) Smith [****]
This is an odd little film. I first saw this on Showtime years ago - it happened to come on after something else I was watching (I see a lot of great films that way, actually). It is so dark - almost surreal. Society has turned into a totalitarian nightmare and this guy, Smith, is sucked into it all. He's just a regular joe, but what happens to him, SHEESH! Gotta watch it to see for yourself. (Yeah, he dies - great death scene!) And it's the very first film Sam did, so he is young, fresh and adorable in it!
Snow White SNOW WHITE: A TALE OF TERROR (1997) Friedrich Hoffman [***]
A particularly terrifying rendition of the old fairy tale and poor Sam gets the blunt end of the stick. Still, he doesn't die! And, ya know, there's the long hair plus the whole dishevelled thing ...
Submerged SUBMERGED TV (2003) LCdr. Charles B. 'Swede' Momsen [****]
Another true story, Sam's character is a pioneer in diving technology and he helps save trapped seamen when their submarine sinks. Great stuff.
The Triangle THE TRIANGLE TV Mini Series (2005) Eric Benirall [****]
Sam is a rich shipping tycoon who hires a group of diverse idividuals to find the difinitive answer to the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle because more and more of his ships are disappearing. (He has a more personal reason, but we don't find out about that till way towards the end). It kept me intrigued, even though it suffers from the same paradox problems all time travel shows encounter. (Yes, it involves time travel - sort of) Anyway, there is a scene where the team comes to Benirall's office to find Sam sitting in a corner with a sort of manic appearance and a spray paint can in one hand with every reflective surface in his office painted black. He ends up like that in a lot of his films, doesn't he? LOL! [Image of Eric Benirall snagged from]
Until the End of the World UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (1991) Eugene Fitzpatrick [*****]
Another odd film I saw by accident on TV. I LOVE this film! It's so surreal! Sam is, I believe, a writer (It's been a while since I've seen it), who is in love with a crazy woman - LOL! He is devoted, too - man, wish I could find someone like that. He follows her, literally, to the end of the world, and saves her life. You really must see it and I can't wait till this is available uncut on dvd. (PS: I adore a guy in glasses).
Films I haven't seen yet, but desperately want to:
THE COUNTRY GIRLS (1983) Pierre Gentleman
Girls at Catholic school - one falls for an older man, played by Sam - sounds fun.
Enigma ENIGMA (1982) Dimitri Vasilikov
A spy story - I like espionage stories. Sam plays a lot of Russian characters, huh?
Fever FEVER TV (1991) Elliot
Sounds like my kind of action/adventure/buddy flick.
Forgotten Silver FORGOTTEN SILVER (1995) Himself
Heh, this is evidentally a spoof documentary that pissed off a lot of New Zealanders, so I want to see it.
From a Far Country FROM A FAR COUNTRY TV (1981) Marian
Sam plays the Pope?! I may be a lapsed Catholic, but I'm interested!
The Good Wife THE GOOD WIFE (1987) Neville Gifford
He plays a sleaze and I wanna see. (grin)
HAPPY TOWN (2010) ?? [??]
This ABC series starts the last week in April and I know nothing about it yet, other than Sam is in it.
The Penguin Bold THE MAGIC PUDDING Animated (2000) Voice of Sam Sawnoff, the penguin bold
The children's book was written by Norman Lindsay, whom Sam played in Sirens. Plus, he sings, so I want to see it!
The Piano THE PIANO (1993) Stewart
Looks like it might be good, though who the heck would EVER prefer Harvey Keitel over Sam? (Sorry, Harvey, but ... just no contest ...)
King Charles II RESTORATION (1995) King Charles II
Sam as King Charles?? I'd like to see that.

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