General Kirok sutai G'Sundheit


General Kirok has spent his entire life taking chances and surviving against outrageous odds.

As a small child, he challenged the Klingon officer who had killed his Romulan mother -- and defeated him in mortal combat. This demonstration of courage and strength earned him a place at the Klingon Academy where he excelled in virtually every category. His special interest lay in the sciences, and he became the foremost astrophysicist of his day.

While testing an advanced warp nacelle design near the neutral Zone, his ship was boarded by a tall, dark stranger who called himself "Master." This Human-looking alien used a tissue compression weapon against the General, which eliminated most free space in each atom of Kirok's body. It reduced his size to about 10 inches tall and caused extreme pain; but, while several others hit with this weapon died instantly, Kirok none-the-less survived.

Though his vast scientific knowledge had been an asset to the Empire, it was decided that his diminutive size would be a hindrance in a combat situation. He was given the choice of accepting a teaching position at the Academy or an honourable discharge from Corps duty. Choosing the latter, he became a mercenary and was last reported working as a bounty hunter in the lawless frontier of Gauda Prime.

And that's where I encountered him! We've traveled together ever since. He's a pretty good companion, but really, I think that tissue compressor effected his brain -- he's like a child sometimes . . .

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